What we really do?

We list out the handpicked items that are available anytime whenever you want to order. We don’t manage any inventory but our valued suppliers always have the stock ready to ship whenever any customer wants to purchase Audio Equipment.

Our Vision

We want to solve your problem by providing what you need in shortest time possible. What we do is that we list all the items in our website which is readily available throughout the world and no matter wherever you are we will arrange to deliver to your location as soon as possible.

History of Beginning

The demand of Audio Equipment and Musical instrument has increased in difficult time like this. The customers are frustrated because the stock of item they are looking for is not readily available in local store. Here we are with the solution so that we can find the item that you are looking for and deliver wherever you are in shortest time possible.

Worldwide Delivery

No matter wherever you are located in the world, We have worldwide delivery service. We send your shipment safely and deliver on time. Most of our Items are readily available at any time so that it can be shipped as soon as you order.

Shop Audio Online

You can shop any kind of Audio equipment online via our website with the peace of mind as we offer only handpicked items which are 100% genuine. If you have any specific requirement, simply message us and we will arrange the item for you.

What kind of product We Sell?

Audio Shop Online Sells mostly the Audio Equipment such as Audio Interface, USB Microphone, Camera Microphones and Audio Accessories. We also offer low budget Sound Mixers and Professional Quality Audio Bundles that you can use for recording sound.

Why to buy from Audio Shop Online!

Audio Shop Online is started with the aim to help customers in finding the best audio equipment without any hassle so that they can get the item without leaving their home. We list handpicked items so that you can purchase with the peace of mind.

What can we do for you ?

Our Support team is located in Dubai, UAE and we offer you pre-sell support and any post sales product support as well. We are available via online to assist our customer across the world. Happy Shopping!

All Audio equipment listed in our website and the sound system equipment that you want to purchase from us are fully complaint to the standard quality and comes with the warranty in all products.

We tend to arrange the fastest delivery for all the items listed in our website. In most of the time our items are delivered to you within 7-10 Working days.

Our customer centric approach ensures that all our customers are provided with world class customer service while they purchase any audio equipment and sound system equipment from our store.

We believe in providing the best buying experience to all our customer when they purchase any audio and sound equipment from us. Hence the happy customer can bring more customers back to our store.  :).